Sound Legal Advice

Since 1933, our law firm has assisted clients throughout Saratoga and the Capital District with their legal needs. At King, Adang, Arpey, Strickland & Thompson, we protect our clients with quality legal counsel.

We apply decades of experience to come up with smart legal strategies that will protect you, your family, your finances and your relationships. Our attorneys offer unique proficiency in the following areas of law:

Our Approach

Our approach to the practice of law is personal and client-centered. Our attorneys are aware of and responsive to our clients' concerns because we have faced them in our own lives.

Our goal is to thoroughly understand our clients' needs and then to help clients reach their goals in the most prudent and economical manner possible. We are detail-oriented. Our fees are fair and competitive. Our staff are well-trained, highly competent, experienced and personable. We work in a friendly and cooperative atmosphere.

Protecting Assets Through Life's Changes

We protect your hard-earned assets for both yourself and your family, including those you care to continue protecting after you are gone.

Our careful estate planning and wealth preservation strategies can protect you from unnecessary expenses during your lifetime and assist you in preserving as much as possible for your children and other loved ones. We also ensure that you decide who receives your assets upon your death and assist you in completing the necessary directives before it is too late.

Our meticulous representation through the divorce process can protect you from the financial ruin and the huge emotional toll often associated with a "messy divorce." Our legal team is skilled at avoiding court — along with its financial and emotional expense — through skilled negotiations. We are also trained in collaborative law practice, which you can find out more about on the CDACD website. However, sometimes the stakes are too high, and a trial is required. When that time comes, our accomplished litigators are ready.

Protecting Your Relationships

It is often said that our children are our greatest asset. We do everything we can to prevent the legal process from leaving the relationship with your children (or other loved ones) anything but intact. Sometimes that involves strategies to maintain peace between divorcing parties (see Collaborative Law Practice CDACD website). Sometimes it means bringing family members into an estate planning meeting. Sometimes it means getting an aging parent the long-term care they need to take pressure off of the caregiving spouse or child. At other times it is advising an executor how to most sensitively proceed with his or her fiduciary duties. In other words, we not only know the law. We know that more is at stake than financial assets, and we consider that too.

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