Estate Administration And Probate Guidance

The estate administration and probate process can be stressful. You must deal with the loss of your loved one while managing their personal and financial affairs. You might be required to make major decisions about the deceased's assets, debts, their house and remaining personal affairs. With decades of experience in estate administration and probate, our attorneys can provide the understanding and guidance that you will need to administer your loved one's assets.

King, Adang, Arpey, Strickland & ThompsonAvoid Probate Pitfalls With The Help Of A Professional

Probate may be necessary for settling your loved one's estate. The process provides court supervision over the settlement of their debts and assets. Unfortunately, the process can sometimes be lengthy and expensive. The attorneys at King, Adang, Arpey, Strickland & Thompson can help you determine if the probate process will be necessary for your family.

If you are named the executor then you will be accountable for settling the deceased's estate. Rules of the probate process are strict and complex. Adhering to state rules can appear overwhelming for executors. It is easy to fall into probate pitfalls without the assistance of an experienced law firm. It is important to keep good records, as the smallest of errors can lead to family conflict and distrust, including potential will contests. We will provide clear guidance to keep the process as straightforward and conflict free as possible.

Occasionally estate litigation is inevitable. Our team of knowledgeable litigators is available to advocate on your behalf if conflict escalates. Our goal is to resolve conflicts amicably, but if this is not possible, we are ready to represent clients in the courtroom.

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