Compassionate Legal Assistance For Marriage And Divorce

At King, Adang, Arpey, Strickland & Thompson, we offer experienced guidance through all matters of family law and divorce. We will help you every step of the way, including prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. We also provide meticulous representation for divorce. Our skilled litigators are prepared for trial. However, we advocate for alternative solutions whenever possible to shield our clients personally and financially.

Alleviating The Stress And Financial Expense Of Divorce

King, Adang, Arpey, Strickland & ThompsonOur lawyers have decades of experience in divorce proceedings and understand the difficulty of a "messy divorce." Our approach to family law starts with an effort to resolve matters before litigation is necessary. You can avoid the costly and emotional expense of litigation through mediation or the collaborative divorce process.

Mediation and collaborative divorce are also beneficial when children are involved. You can settle matters of child custody, parenting time and child support in a relaxed and cooperative setting. It can reduce conflict between parents, helping ease the transition of divorce for children.

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Founded in 1933, the attorneys at King, Adang, Arpey, Strickland & Thompson have spent decades assisting families with their legal problems. Anyone with legal concerns about their upcoming, current or past marriage should contact our office at 518-306-1340, or may fill out an online contact form.